Connecting dots through an integrated marketing service offering is our forte.
-Baiju Kurieash, MD & CEO at BUZ

Initiated and founded by Baiju Kurieash in 2007, BUZ Management and Marketing Consulting was with a clear vision to offer integrated marketing services in the futuristic city of Dubai. The city’s vision and progress has created a perfect setting for laying foundation for such a wonderful concept.

The integrated Marketing Services offers marketing, social media, public relation, events, management, human resources, media buying and turnkey marketing projects. We looked to work with the visionary projects of Dubai not just with international organizations. Our commitment is deep-rooted in spreading the spirit and vision of this great city and region.

Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Shopping Malls Group, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group, Emaar, Nakheel, Leading Concepts at Landmark Group, Lal’s Group, Danube, Damac, Qatar Tourism Authority, Masafi, Ilias Mustpha Galadari, Dubai Sports Council, Nandos. These were clients acquired by our various divisions and we connected the dots for their integrated marketing needs… come for a journey to explore with us!!

As the region has been laying strong focus on developing its retail, family shopping and mall sector, BUZ MMC was the natural choice for the Regional Tourism Bodies.

TCA Abu Dhabi, a multi-faceted organisation manages the emirate’s tourism sector and markets it internationally through a wide range of activities and major events. It rolled out its shopping sector activation through Abu Dhabi Summer Season Raffle Promotion that is totally managed by BUZ MMC.

BUZ MMC worked with Qatar Tourism Authority in launching their first event Shopping Malls Promotion in Doha. BUZ MMC extended its expertise to conceive and implement the shopping promotion within the malls. Our expert team is always at your service for turnkey strategic marketing projects.

Our Specialties


At BUZ, we have a true passion for web designing. We partner with our clients to create multi-functional websites and engaging online marketing solutions that matches their brand, services and products.


For a business to gain maximum profits, it must behave like a well-oiled machine. BUZ MMC ensures such performance through the application of certain techniques, bringing in of resource assets, thorough use of knowledge and finally, through experience.


In the ever-changing market dynamics, it is imperative for a business to constantly evolve its marketing plan in order to face new challenges and to make the most of the new opportunities.


Brands are key sources of value creation. BUZ helps build, sustain and leverage the power of a brand. After all, a successful brand is a consistently kept promise to accompany a consumer on a journey.