Owners Association Management Services

Building Owners Association Management Services

Committees & Industry Body Management

We believe that optimal productivity of a Committee or Board of Directors highly depends on upon how efficiently it is organised and executed. In a fast moving city ‘availability of time’ is the last thing Directors have and this curtails their ability to run their Boards or committees effectively.

We understand that and we have a solution for you.

Our 360° service of coordinating meetings and implementing its decisions as per articles of your Association is our solution!

We are skilled in making sure that meetings are organised around convenient time-frames of your group of directors and committee member. We expertly manage ‘Owners Associations’ by assisting committees and board members in planning, coordinating and executing its function based on available schedules. So call us today!

Developing Owners Association for Communities

BUZ Management and Marketing Consulting’s expertise in Association Management comes from continuously delivering high standards of services to leading associations like the Dubai Shopping Malls Group and Dubai Gold & Jewelry Group. These leading industry associations have significantly contributed towards the growth of Dubai’s retail sector.

Successful management of these industry bodies is a great illustration demonstrating our exposure and experience in establishing and managing Governing bodies. We are experts in:

Establishing and managing Articles of Association (AA)

We understand the Articles of Association of the committee and are equipped with the knowledge to guide the association to operate as per the regulations.

We provide adequate support to develop AA and job functions based on the same. Our legal consultants will develop the AA and duty functions for efficiency.

Organizing Board meeting

We have the exposure and experience to set the agenda and organise periodical board meetings, and sub-committee meetings based on mutually agreed agenda. Based on your interest we take the full responsibility to prepare meeting Agenda as per the Articles and conduct meetings.

Developing Meeting Agendas

We have an expert team that provides association management services which not only includes preparing meeting agenda for board meetings, sub-committee meeting, and meeting with outside entities but also documentation, filing and based on requirement we can also manage activation of decisions.

Maintaining and Executing Proper Secretarial Services, Meeting Minutes

We will seamlessly maintain and organise the files, and effectively action the decisions of the committee, allowing the board to function smoothly.

Our services can also be extended to the third-party by appointing agencies or tenant services. We are equipped to offer Value added services through our team of Events, Creative, Public Relations, Human Resources, Social Media and Marketing Verticals.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

We offer our support in organising official events such as Annual General Meetings and prepare presentations of audited financials. Our expertise lies in appointing auditing firms, or carrying out an internal audit of financials, event management, presentation management, setting and executing the events based on the Agenda.

At BUZMMC we have what it takes to be your Partner in managing the Board whether it is for a Community Owner Association, Building Owner Association, Sports Committee, Industry Association, Sub -Committee, or for large entities.

We work on an annual retainer basis and the fees are based on the quantity and list of deliverables.

The fee starts from AED10,000 per month to Cover

– Reviewing and auditing the current process – first 39 Days after signing the contract

– Organising bi-monthly board meetings /sub-committee meeting with proposed agenda

– Developing and maintaining meeting minutes

– Coordinating necessary action points with the administration team of the board and maintaining records

– Organising auditing

– Organising annual general meeting and assisting the board in administering decisions.

– Organise the election process and developing systems.

– Supporting administrative team with outsources activities based on requirement at applicable fees

– Appointing outside agencies based on request from board

– Maintaining files of activities.

In addition, we are equipped with Public Relations, Events, Social Media, Marketing and HR verticals as it is often required.
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